Zammo's UI Builder enables your business to build conversation modules tailored to a specific business need or use case. You can also connect to APIs and integrate with back-end software, like Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow, and other standard Enterprise systems, to take your business transactional on voice and chat. 

As far as the type of business transactions that can be built here - the sky is the limit! Through the UI builder, your business can form completions, allow customers to find a nearest location, schedule appointments, make reservations, purchase transactions, etc. Non-technical users can build a conversation module, connect it to their voice and chatbot presence, and deploy it to the public. To learn more about what UI Builder can do, click HERE

Once you have created your content and purchased an Enterprise subscription in the Zammo portal, this powerful tool is available to you. Simply navigate to and you'll see your business prepped and ready for you to begin creating conversation modules!