The voice platforms (primarily Alexa and Google) are doing their part to minimize the amount of false data related to COVID-19 that is shared through their voice assistants. In an effort to do this, they have tight restrictions on the type of content you can publish. Below are some helpful tips to get your voice app approved. For the sake of this example, let’s say we are Hometown Airport and we are trying to answer customer questions about travel impacts due to the virus…
  • Don’t use the words “COVID” or “coronavirus” in the invocation name. It is much better to simply use “Hometown Airport” as your voice domain/invocation name vs. “Hometown Airport COVID-19”

  • Make sure your QnA are specific to your business – not just general coronavirus information. Leave the general information (“what are the symptoms of COVID-19,” “when should I visit the emergency room?”) to expert agencies like the CDC and instead focus on topics that are applicable to YOUR business…. “Are flights currently flying out of Hometown Airport?” “What if there is an emergency and I have to fly?” “What are you doing to protect your employees at the airport?”

  • Make sure you have plenty of question variants that don’t contain the words “coronavirus” or “covid-19”.  Even if you have a specific question in your knowledge base in the Zammo portal, if it contains the words “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” Google will defer to the CDC website or another expert agency. Because of this, be sure to provide plenty of question variants that don’t include those words. If your question is “Is the airport open during the coronavirus pandemic?” – be sure to add question variants like “Is the airport currently open?” “Are flights flying as normal right now?”

  • Supply additional QnA specific to your business, not related to the virus. You don’t want your entire knowledge base to be about the virus. Create a variety by adding in other FAQ’s that your customers would likely ask. Questions like, “How do I contact you?” “Do you have valet parking?” “What restaurants are in terminal A?” “How do I request a wheelchair?”