Congratulations!  Your voice app has been published and is live to the world.  Now, how do you (and your customers) use it?


1. In the Alexa app, click on the menu bar (3 lines, top left) and then select “Skills & Games” from the menu. 

2. Inside Skills & Games, click on the magnifying glass search icon. 

3. Search for your voice app by name.

4. When the your voice app appears below the search bar, click on it. 

5. Click on the blue “Enable to Use” button. 

6. That’s it - from there you can start using it!  Simply click the speaker button and say, "Launch {insert invocation name}"


1. Just say, "Hey Google, ask {insert invocation name} {insert question}?"

2. That's really it! :)


1. On your Windows 10 PC, first enable Cortana by searching for "Talk to Cortana".

2. Inside Talk to Cortana, you can enable "Hey Cortana" which lets you activate Cortana with your voice.

3. Once Cortana is available, simply say "Hey Cortana, Launch {insert invocation name}"