Zammo's software works very hard to ensure you have all of the data required before submitting to the voice platforms.  There are some things, however, that are able to slip through the cracks that will cause the voice channels to deny your submission (publication failure). Here is a list of those common causes and what you can do now to prevent them:

1. Invocation Name Not Included in Privacy Policy and/or Terms & Conditions

The voice platforms will manually review the links to your privacy policy and terms & conditions.  Those documents must contain your invocation name.  If your invocation name IS your business name, this isn't an issue.  If, however, you are Joe's Pizza and you are submitting a skill with the invocation name of "Joe's on 45th," then you will need to edit your privacy policy and terms & conditions to include "Joe's on 45th".

2. 1-Word Invocation Name

Because many trademarked business have 1-word names (i.e. Nike, Samsung, Bose, Apple, etc.), the voice platforms take extra precautions with requests for 1-word invocation names and will frequently ask for supporting documentation proving that the business name actually belongs to you.  There's really nothing you can do prior to submission to prevent this from happening, but just be prepared that you may be asked to provide validating information before your skill is approved.

3. Sensitive or Illegal Content

Nothing in your skill (invocation name, description, QnA content, logo image) can contain sensitive or illegal content. Be diligent to ensure you aren't including anything illegal, content containing profanity or content that does not belong to you.