Yes!  And it's very simple to do.

1. Navigate to the "Ready to Publish" tab in the QnA section of the Zammo Portal.

Here, select the question(s) that you would like to edit or delete by checking the box to the left of those corresponding questions.

2. Once you have the question(s) that you want to edit or delete selected, click "Unpublish Selected QnA & Send Back to Edit"

3. The above process will move those questions back to the "Compose QnA" tab.  Here you can edit or delete those questions.

4. Lastly, once your edits are made, just remember to move the edited questions back to "Review" and then to "Ready to Publish" because only the content in the "Ready to Publish" tab is what is live to your customers.  Once the content is back in "Ready to Publish" it takes approximately 5-8 minutes to sync and then will be live content.

Need help moving content from "Compose QnA" to "Review" and then "Ready to Publish"?  HERE is a link to walk you through that process.