Before you are able to submit your skill to the voice platforms, you will be required to enter a link to your business privacy policy and terms & conditions on the "Organization Profile" screen.  These are required by the voice platforms and will be reviewed before they approve your skill and make it live to the public.

Most businesses post a link to their privacy policy and terms at the bottom of their website like this:

If you already have those, simply click on the privacy policy, copy the url and then paste it where asked on the "Organization Profile" screen.  Repeat for your terms & conditions.

If you don't have these links, you can click the gray "Skip this step" option for now.  Note, however, that you will be required to come back and add these links before you can submit your skill to the platforms.  

You will want to either contact your attorney or utilize one of the many online resources for creating these legal documents.  Zammo cannot recommend or suggest a particular resource.  

Once you have the links ready at a later date, just enter them on the "Organization Profile" screen.