Once you have created your organization and added your questions and answers, you’ll want to fine tune your QnA to be optimized for voice. Question variants are important in voice because everyone phrases questions differently, so your users will have the greatest chance of success getting the answer they are looking for if you provide multiple options for the way they can ask a question.


From the dashboard there are multiple ways to access your QnA as indicated by the red arrows below.



In the QnA section, you will see all the questions and answers you have created for your business.  


Below each question, you will see the option to “+ Add a different way of asking the same question.” Click on the blue link and a new question box will appear.



Once you populate the box with a different question, make sure to press the save button within the box to confirm your changes before moving on to the next question variant. 

You can add as many variants to each question as you would like. We recommend that you have at least two or three for each question.  


When you are done editing, simply click the blue "Save & Go to Review" button to move your questions from the "Compose QnA" tab to the "Review" tab.  From this point, you will move the questions through the Compose QnA – Review – Ready to Publish process as described HERE.   A reminder that questions and answers are never live to your users until 1) your branded channels have been approved and published by the voice platforms, and 2) your QnA have been moved through the process and are in your “Ready to Publish” tab.

You might also find this document on QnA Writing Best Practices useful as you draft your voice content.