By now you have created your organization, developed your QnA, and moved it from "Compose QnA" to "Review" to "Ready to Publish". Now it’s time to move through the voice platform process!


From the dashboard click on the “Voice Platforms” option on the left navigation bar.



Choose a business category for each voice platform, starting with Alexa. 


First, you will click the drop down arrow in the “Select a Business Category” box which will show a range of categories to choose from. These are the only categories Alexa offers, so if you can’t find an exact match, choose the closest matching business category. 


Second, fill in your business invocation name.  An invocation name is how users will speak your business name on voice assistants. For example, "Alexa, launch Dave's Clothing Store," or "Alexa, ask Dave's Clothing Store what time do you open?" 

A few notes about choosing your invocation name... 

1) Think of the voice invocation similar to your online website domain name.  Once a name is claimed, it is gone.  

2) For Alexa and Google, your invocation name can be as short or long as you want, but think about ease of speaking.  It would be easier for your customers to launch "Dave's Clothing" rather than "Dave's Clothing and Accessories Specialty Store".  Cortana has a 3-word maximum on invocation name.  So, if you want your invocation name to be the same on all 3 platforms, you will want to choose a name that is a maximum of 3 words.  Also note that there is more detailed process for a 1-word invocation name - the platforms may ask that you provide proof of ownership/trademark of that business name.

3) If there are multiple businesses in your town with your business name, it might be helpful to differentiate yourself.  Joe's Pizza is a great example.  There might be 3 or 4 Joe's Pizza restaurants in your town, so choosing an invocation name like Joe's on Main might be a great option.

When you have selected your Alexa invocation name, press "Save and continue."




This will bring you to the next platform, Google. Follow the same steps as above. 


You will click the “Select a Business Category” and choose the closest matching category. There are fewer options than Alexa so just choose the one that seems like the best fit. Next, choose your Google invocation name using the same guidelines as described above. Once you have completed this, press “Save and Continue” again. 



Lastly, to get set up on Cortana, you will need to select a primary and secondary business category, again selecting the ones that are the closest fit.  Cortana also asks you to choose a display name. The display name is what your customer will see in writing.  For example, when they search for your skill in the Cortana app, your display name is what they will see.  This can be the same or different than your invocation name. 

Now choose your Cortana invocation name, noting that Cortana requires your invocation be no longer than 3 words.


Once you are done, click the "Save and Publish" button.  This is the action that triggers Zammo to submit all of your organization data and content to the voice platforms.  This process takes some time as the voice platforms perform a manual review of your data.  We are currently seeing a response time from the platforms of anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks.  You will be notified by Zammo the minute each voice platform responds.