If you can’t find the exact QnA you are looking for in our industry specific questions, you always have the option to create your own.  We want to make the customization of your QnA database as simple as possible. 

Start by clicking on the QnAs page in the left menu bar.

Click on the "Add Custom QnA" button as indicated below with the red arrow.

A pop-up box will appear.  Enter your question and any question variants that you like as well as your answer.  When you are done, click the blue "Save Question" button.  You will be able to edit and add additional question variants back in the "Compose QnA" tab, so don't worry about making them perfect in the pop-up box.

You can repeat the above step as many times as you like to add multiple custom QnA's.  Back in the "Compose QnA" tab, you will see that your custom QnA have been added to your QnA database and you have the the option to edit the questions to your liking, add question variants, edit your answers, etc.  From this point, you will move the questions through the Compose QnA – Review – Ready to Publish process as described HERE.  A reminder that questions and answers are never live to your users until 1) your branded channels have been approved and published by the voice platforms, and 2) your QnA have been moved through the process and are in your “Ready to Publish” tab.

You might also find this document on QnA Writing Best Practices useful as you draft your voice content.