Got an FAQ page on your website you’d like to add into your Zammo Voice QnA database?

There are two ways to utilize this feature.   The first time you will have the opportunity is during the onboarding process.  Full instructions for the onboarding process (to include adding FAQ url links) can be found by clicking HERE).  

After the onboarding process, you may decide that you’d like to add additional FAQ url links.  Here is how to do just that…

First, click on the QnAs tab in the left menu bar.

Click on the "Add FAQ link" button where indicated with the red arrow below.

A pop-up box will appear.  Enter your FAQ page url and then click "Add FAQs".  This process may take some time, longer the more questions you have included on your page.  Please be patient.

When the uploading process is complete, the questions and answers from your FAQ page will be added to the "Compose QnA" tab in your QnA database, along with any other questions you already had in this "Compose QnA" tab.

Once in Compose QnA, you will see that you have the option to edit the questions to your liking, add question variants, edit your answers, etc.  From this point, you will move the questions through the Compose QnA – Review – Ready to Publish process as described HERE.   A reminder that questions and answers are never live to your users until 1) your branded channels have been approved and published by the voice platforms, and 2) your QnA have been moved through the process and are in your “Ready to Publish” tab.

You might also find this document on QnA Writing Best Practices useful as you draft your voice content.