Yes, you are able to cancel your subscription with Zammo.

It is important to note that once you cancel, your voice app will go into offline mode for a short time period.  When your customers attempt to engage with your brand while you are in offline mode, they will hear "I'm sorry, I can not answer that question at the moment. Please visit our website to learn more."  During this time, you are able to resubscribe with Zammo and your voice content will still be available to you.  Once the offline time period has passed, your voice app will be deleted. This is permanent and the action cannot be undone.  All data associated with your organization will be gone.  

Additionally, once your voice app is deleted, your voice domain (invocation name) is no longer secured and any other organization can have it.

Should you desire to cancel your subscription, please use the link below.  Scroll to the bottom of the subscription settings screen and you will find the "CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION" link available.